Earth Anchors

Marquee Earth AnchorsRange of steel screw-in earth anchors, for extra grip in soft ground. Typically double the holding power of a standard marquee stake - variety of fixed or removeable head styles.

  • Steel earth anchors - better performance than conventional stakes in soft, wet ground (typically double the holding power).
  • Screw in by hand or power tool; unwind to remove and use again. No special extraction tools required.
  • Ground anchors are suitable for marquees, stage covers, light aircraft, inflatables -  anything that needs holding down!
  • Sizes from 0.25m to 1.5m.
  • Various head styles available: eg flanged hexagon head, ring head, flush mount etc.
  • Flush-fitting earth anchors are ideal for semi-permanent or frequently used sites such as glamping venues, playing fields etc -  they can be left in the ground and mown over.