Marquee Parts and Accessories

Marquee Parts & Accessories

**New Product**

Range of screw-in earth anchors, for extra grip in soft ground. Typically double the holding power of a standard marquee stake - variety of fixed or removeable head styles. Pictures in our gallery...

Clear Span Marquee Components

9m Base Plate6m/9m base plate
With offset holes for internal or external staking. Galvanised. Larger version available for 12m wide frames.


9m Eave Knuckle6m/9m eave knuckle
includes internal ring for attaching linings or marquee divisions. Galvanised finish.

Pins & Clips for Clear Span MarqueesPins and clips for clear span frames
All those important items to hold your frames together - available in packs of ten.


Portal BeamPortal beams
Replaces scissors in a 3m bay to facilitate access. One size beam fits 6m,9m,12m or 15m wide clear span marquee frame. Includes wire cable for attaching walls. Galvanised finish.

Tubular Aluminium Frame Marquee Components

Also suitable for other Armbruster-style, Beaumont, TT, Middle Mill etc

Corner & T-PiecesCorner and T-pieces

Detachable eyebolts & D-clips included. 25mm square-section diagonals for easy grip. Gold coloured plated finish for comfortable handling.



Updated design with domed top - helps marquee covers slide over easily over and minimises roof wear. Integral ring on underside for easy attachment of lighting or linings.

Tubular ComponentsSmall components
Twisting collars, eye-bolts, 3-button springs and D-clips available from stock  in packs of ten.


Guy Rope / StrapGuy straps
Guy straps (available in white or orange) - neater, faster, easier than guy ropes. Clips to frame eye-bolt, stake inserted through integral ring plate.

Pillarless T-piecePillarless T-piece for tubular frame marquees
Allows you to off-set a marquee leg if needed, i.e. to avoid a doorway. Sliding T-piece also available.


Walling PegsWalling pegs for tubular frame marquees
Made from reinforcing steel for good grip.


Other accessories:

French DoorsMarquee Door frames
Standard size takes any two 6' x 2'3" wooden doors. Can be used in clear span or tubular frame marquees. Also available with infill panels, sprung top bar and short side rails to fit 3m clear span bays.


3m Walkway3m Walkway System
Create extendable 3m walkways, using small roof beams, 3m x 3m roof panels and 3m gables, together with your existing 6m/9m clear span components.

Polework TrailerPolework trailer
Store and transport clear span frames with one neat solution! Allows efficient handling of beams. Suitable for towing behind most 4x4s and vans. Available in single and twin-axle styles.


Base Rails / Banner FramesBase rails/banner frames
Multi-purpose fittings for hard surface installations - can also be used to make banner frames. Available as corner, T or end fittings, slides over tubular leg.