Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

  • Tubular Aluminium Frame Marquee Components

    • Marquee Corners and T-Pieces

      Marquee Corners and T-Pieces

      Detachable eyebolts & D-clips included. 25mm square-section diagonals for easy grip. Gold coloured plated finish for comfortable handling.

    • Marquee Crown

      Marquee Crown

      Updated design with domed top - helps marquee covers slide over easily over and minimises roof wear. Integral ring on underside for easy attachment of lighting or linings.

    • Tubular Aluminium Frame Components

      Tubular Aluminium Frame Components

      Stainless steel twisting collars, 3-button springs and D-clips available from stock in packs of ten.

    • Marquee Guy Straps

      Marquee Guy Straps

      Guy straps (available in white or orange) - neater, faster, easier than guy ropes. Clips to frame eye-bolt, stake inserted through integral ring plate.

    • Marquee Pillarless T-Piece

      Marquee Pillarless T-Piece

      Allows you to off-set a marquee leg if needed, i.e. to avoid a doorway. Sliding T-piece also available.

    • Marquee Walling Pegs

      Marquee Walling Pegs

      Made from reinforcing steel for good grip. Plastic cap to prevent fabric damage.

  • Other Accessories

    • Marquee Base Rails/Banner Frames

      Marquee Base Rails/Banner Frames

      Multi-purpose fittings for hard surface installations - can also be used to make banner frames. Available as corner, T or end fittings, slides over tubular leg. Complete with eye bolt and D-clips.

    • Marquee Door Frames

      Marquee Door Frames

      New door frame design, in four pieces for easy transport. Made-to-measure sizes, suitable for clear span or tubular frame marquees. Also available with infill panels, sprung top bar and short side rails to fit 3m clear span bays.

  • Clear Span Marquee Components

    • 6m/9m Base Plate

      6m/9m Base Plate

      With offset holes for internal or external staking. Galvanised. Larger version available for 12m wide frames - other custom marquee base plates made to order.

    • 6m/9m Eave Knuckle

      6m/9m Eave Knuckle

      For 94mmx 48mm 4-track aluminium profile. Includes internal ring for attaching linings or marquee divisions. Galvanised finish.

    • Clear Span Pins and Clips

      Clear Span Pins and Clips

      Pins, clips, corner base rail connectors - all those important items to hold your frames together. Available in packs of twenty.

    • Clear Span Portal Beams

      Clear Span Portal Beams

      Replaces scissors in a 3m bay to facilitate access. One size beam fits 6m,9m,12m or 15m wide clear span marquee frame. Includes wire cable for attaching walls. Galvanised finish.